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A Little About Me...

When I was 9, I really started falling in love with books. As I did, I started hearing the characters in my head. I heard the dialogue. I would catch myself reading it out loud and doing their voices because I liked hearing the story as well. I loved being a part of the story process. But, apparently, reading aloud to myself in school could be distracting for other students. So, I learned my way out of that habit…until I became a father. 


All of a sudden, I had the best reason in the world for reading stories out loud again. I had my wonderful daughters to read to, to do the voices again, and I remembered how much I loved it. Story time became one of my favorite times as a father. But little girls grow up and they don't necessarily want their dad reading them stories. I went back to reading silently.


The stories kept calling to me. I sang stories professionally as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. I told stories as a pastor with 30 years of public speaking experience. Throughout my life, there have always been more stories to tell, and I have loved telling them. 


Recently, my family has rediscovered Dungeons & Dragons, a game that is group story-telling, and I got to be the Game Master, the chief storyteller. Once again, I got to tell the stories. I got to do the voices. I got to engage with the listener and I loved it. 


I’ve learned I tell stories well. Let me know what you need, and we’ll make it happen together.


Soullatte Studios presents:

Gothic Nightcap

Gothic Nightcap is a Soullatte Studios podcast, where you listen to classic tales that can be equal parts soothing and darkness. So, get comfy, pour something to drink, and, maybe, even fall asleep. However you want to relax and listen.

New episodes drop every other Tuesday!  


Spoutible is
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It's a place where strangers become friends become family.
This podcast celebrates the people who make Spoutible unique: the users.

George Washington III

Bill Brooks

"Working with Jamie on his demos was an awesome experience.  He is versatile, loaded with talent tools and he takes direction with ease".

"Jamie's versatility and vocal imagination were  apparent from the first time I worked with him. The warmth and familiarity he can give will make a difference for you."

‪(281) 942-8855‬

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